Rulebook updates, Adventure Collection out now!

Mausritter rulebook updates

Just a quick update to run down the changes in the most recent version of the book (v2.3), released yesterday:

  • The Mad Condition gained from spell miscasts has been renamed to Drained. This removes a bit of unnecessary ableist language that also didn’t feel thematically appropriate in play.
  • The use of Critical Damage in the Example of Play — Combat section has been clarified to be more correct.
  • Images are now correctly rendered in the greyscale colorspace, and at slightly higher DPI, which should make for sharper home printing.
  • A handful of typos have been fixed throughout the rulebook.

Adventure Collection now available!

In addition to these changes getting ready for the reprint of the book, The Estate Adventure Collection is now available!

This is a collection of eleven all-new adventures for Mausritter, written an illustrated by darlings of the indie-rpg world.

  • Escape indoctrination in The Chapel of Eternal Peace, by Diogo Nogueira.
  • Don’t get burned by The Ember Tree, by L.F. OSR
  • Cure the Queen’s handmaiden in Fruit of the Orchard, by Madeleine Ember.
  • Try not to get eaten by the Giant Snake is in the Sewer, by @gnarledmonster
  • Find the sludge-coated crown in Mush Rush, by Bodie H.
  • Battle mutant rats in Science & Sorrow, by Nate Treme.
  • Race to win the prize of the Song of the Frogacle, by Ema Acosta.
  • Bend time within The Ticking Tower, by Josiah S. Moore.
  • Rescue the captive from the Tower of Soot, by Lazy Litch.
  • Master the magic of The Wizard of Arms and Armour, by Amanda Lee Franck.
  • Unearth the curse of Workers Work, Rulers Rule, by @skullfungus

It’s a campaigns-worth of adventures, ready to play and presented in beautiful fully-illustrated pamphlet format, with included Item and Condition cards.


Mausritter rulebook (spreads) 14 MB
Jan 15, 2022
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Jan 15, 2022
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Jan 15, 2022
Item & Condition cards 416 kB
Jan 15, 2022

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Quite aside from removing the ableist language (which is obviously the most important point), the change of the Condition to 'Drained' also seems to better reflect the actual nature of the effect within the game.


thanks for this update! as a bipolar individual, it really helps a lot! my characters might be bipolar for example, but that doesn't mean they have a permanent condition. drained is a great fit.