Coming back to print with an all-new adventure collection

Mausritter: Box Set + Adventure Collection

A very exciting announcement that I’m thrilled to finally share:

We’re bringing Mausritter back into print, with an alternate cover box-set, along with an all-new adventure collection from a bevy of fantastic authors and illustrators (more on these soon). We’ve put a lot of love into this project, and I hope you’ll love it too. If you missed out on the first print run, now’s your chance to get a copy, with more sword-and-whiskers adventure than ever before.

We’re launching on Kickstarter on August 10th!

Click here to see the Kickstarter prelaunch page.

Don’t forget to hit the button to be notified when we go live!

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My wife really likes this game. She really wants to know why Waddle is on the name list twice. It's been haunting her dreams

ahah I guess just a lot of mice are called Wattle! It’s the John of mouse names :P

Will probably fix this in the typohunt for the updated rule book though :)


Awesome! And perfect timing. Finally got a chance to GM this game for some people new to TTRPGs and it was amazing. Can't wait to get a physical copy.


Fantastic news on the new kickstarter project. I'm in!