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Take up the sword and don the whiskers of a brave mouse adventurer in Mausritter, a rules-light fantasy adventure roleplaying game.

  • Brutally fast, equally flavourful character creation gets you playing your mouse adventurer as quickly as possible.
  • Physical card-based inventory system minimises bookkeeping and maximises hard choices.
  • Dangerous and evocative magic system with 15 spells to find and cast.
  • Generous toolbox of resources provides the Game Master with plenty of support to create their own mouse-scale sandbox adventures.
  • Delve into the ready to play adventure site of Stumpsville and explore further into the Earldom of Ek.

Mausritter is built on the chasis of Into the Odd, with new rules for setting, character generation, magical artefacts, and mouse-scale adventures.

Visit the Mausritter website for resources, online  generators and translated editions.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(308 total ratings)
AuthorLosing Games
GenreRole Playing
TagsAnimals, Dungeon Crawler, Exploration, Fantasy, Hand-drawn, OSR, sworddream
Average sessionA few hours
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer


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Character sheets 342 kB
GM session tracking sheet 59 kB
Item & Condition cards 416 kB
Mausritter rulebook (spreads) 14 MB
Mausritter rulebook (singles) 13 MB

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I hope I get a chance to play Mausritter someday. It channels that same sense of adventure and excitement as the media that inspires it, and that cannot be discounted.

   But for me? Mausritter nails the terror of being small. And in an RPG scene where heroes are nigh-unkillable, facing down dragons without a second thought, I think it’s good to be reminded that we live alongside real life dragons every day.

I really love the concept of Mausritter and want to get a physical copy of both the game itself and The Estate. Do you know if/when there'll be a restock? Thanks!

The Estate is still in stock at Games Omnivorous but looks like the Box Set is sold out! We’ll hopefully be doing a reprint sometime in the new year.

Sounds great! Thank you for the quick response, and I am looking forward to get both the box set and Estate after I get into DMing this game. Fun stuff!

hello What's the connection between this and the other  games in the series:)


This is the main game! The Estate, Honey in the Rafters and A Long Way From Lilliput are expansion scenarios.



I’d love to have the physical book for this.


Are there any solo/gmless adventures ?

You have this https://manarampmatt.itch.io/einzelmaus-solo-mausritter


Great game! cant wait to run it!

Id like to say, i think it is not an improvement to remove "mad". for one thing, "drained" is a much weaker term, and it is not at all clear how it differs from exhausted, except that it involves will rather than strength. it is stated to be a "serious" condition, which exhausted is not, though if they are degrees of the same thing, exhausted sounds stronger. it doesnt give a clear idea how "drained" is to be roleplayed, while "mad" evokes strong roleplay ideas in most people.

keeping "mad" emphasizes the idea that just about everything in this world is more powerful than a mouse, which seems to be a strong theme of the game. (i suppose others may differ). "drained" doesnt at all evoke this; it seems to evoke the idea that magic is a thing not terribly taxing to the mental tolerance of a mouse.

the connection should be maintained between the "attribute score loss" section and the "magic" section. where before they said respectively "reduced to madness" and "mad condition", now they say "reduced to insensibility" and "drained condition"; there is no longer a clear mechanical or thematic connection between the two. it would sound pretty weak if it said "if WIL is reduced to zero, they become drained".

I like the cthulian vibes of having madness as an explicit possiblity, but if you are intent on excluding it, i suggest replacing the "drained" condition with the "insensate" condition (or some synonym). It maintains the clear connection to "reduced to insensibility", and is much more obviously a mental condition, a failure of will. "insensate" would mean the mouse is confused, not fully sensible, has lost critical thinking, isnt acting rationally.

alternate terms could be: senseless, insensible, witless, irrational, stupefied, panicked, stricken, spooked, shell-shocked, harrowed, perturbed, scared shitless, hysterical, stunned, timorous, frantic

These suggestions are given with the greatest respect for your work on this excellent rpg.

Can't wait to play this game!

I'm not sure if this is the proper way to bring attention to this, but in the updated rulebook, you still have reference to the "mad" condition in the "rules reference, best practices " page.

Oh no, you’re totally right! Thanks for pointing that out, I’ll fix up now.

I really love this game and am trying to put together a group to play. Thanks for making it and for all these updates and supplements.


Just a quick thanks for releasing updates and I really appreciate the clear and concise naming of the version numbers too.

Is it just me, or are the download buttons not working?

It was (somewhat) just me; apparently cant have a vpn on while DLing from itch. anyways thanks for letting me try the PDFs for free!


No problem downloading here with VPN. Guess the problem is with YOUR VPN. :-)


Hey Isaac, error on page 22, pointed out by my young cousin :)

"The consequences of a failed Save should <BE> obvious and telegraphed."

Ooh, thanks!


This game is excellent. Especially the inventory system that get's players ton interact much more with all their stuff!


This is still the very best OSR game there is, fantastic design, great feel, a lot of love in every line of the game and you can feel it.


Please, please, PLEASE!! Tell me that you will reprint the Mausritter Box Set at some point in the future! I wanted to buy this so badly but because of Corona I just didn't have the money and today I nearly had a heart attack when I noticed not only that it is sold out now, but that it was limited to 500 copies aswell. I am on the verge of crying here, this sucks TT____TT





Só esperando uma versão em português do material básico ;w;


This RPG is amazing. The rules are simple and flexible so they allow for anything to happen and gives you tools to put numbers on it if necessary. The document is a masterpiece of design. I can't recommend it enough.


Thanks for making the PDFs freely available. I just bought the hardcover book etc and really want to print out some of those item cards.


As a beginner to tabletop RPGs, I love it.
Played it both irl and online via chat messages and storing notes, character sheets, lore and maps in a folder. Super easy to learn and really gets me into the writing mood. Would recommend to newcomers to these kinds of games.
Introducing new players to the mechanics as a GM is also very easy. Start with the inventory and Saves, get them accustomed to the idea of choosing your own way of play and open everything up once they leave the area and enter the town.

This is honestly a very beautifully done game. I am currently working on a hack of Mouse Guard with more playable species and I have to say that the amount of thought and love you put into this has really influenced me! It's incredibly inspiring work and I can't wait to run a Mouseritter game.


I took the PDF'S for free as I have ordered the box set and very excited for it to arrive. I believe I saw the review on gaming beast. 

Any plans on expanding this game? I would love to see more character options like badgers, otters, etc. I just bought the boxed set after downloading the pdfs and I look forward to running this game a lot!

Hey, thanks for getting the box set!

I definitely have plans to keep expanding Mausritter. Expect to see more in the new year. There’s also a great community of people in the Mausritter Discord with fan-created expansions, including a couple of custom playable species. Pop in and say hi here: https://discord.com/invite/v4wmKsv

Will do, thank you very much for the reply!

How to print the pdf as a stapeled pamphlet please. Thanks

Hi, your PDF reader should have an option to print as a booklet. Use the “singles” PDF. It’s a little tricky to get right, so might take a little trial and error.


Thanks, I sorted it out, the reader I was using didn't have a good print option and didn't recognise my printers double side printing, i switched to Adobe reader and all was good. For those that want to know .... to print a double sided card stock cover, print in "booklet" and print the "page range"    1,2,23,24

Have a question: do you aways Mark usage in a Arrow or a pouch every time you shoot, or you only do It Rolling a die after a battle? This makes me think that you only would have three attack Rolls per battle, If you were using a heavy ranged weapon.


Yep, after a battle, roll Usage once for each piece of equipment you used (weapons, ammunition and armour).

You don’t mark usage for each arrow fired (though the GM may ask for a mark/Usage roll if you use it out of combat).

Thank you Very much!


Great little game you’ve created here, packed with content in such a small book.

Some comments:

Not having an attack roll, with everyone always hitting, doesn’t seem like a good design choice. That’s where suspense and part of the fun lies, in those moments where someone’s about to die but they get saved by a miraculous hit or shot. By not having this you’re losing this and placing it all on the damage die, which is a guaranteed roll if you attack. The satisfaction of getting better at combat (not just an increase in hp) is also lost by going down this path. 

Light armour (1 AP) and heavy armour (also 1 AP):

Light armour includes a shield. What about heavy armour with a shield?

I’m going to run it with these house rules:

Opposed attack vs defence rolls, combatants add a level/HD bonus, damage die are exploding. Light armour is 1 AP, heavy 2, shield 1. Armour is ineffective/bypassed on attack rolls over 16. 

Cool little game, I hope to see some supplements and adventures in the future. 


Please try playing without an attack roll first!

Of course, it may not be for everyone. But I can assure you that after years of play it is a well thought-out design choice that creates fast, interesting combat where strategic choices really matter, and it leaves plenty of time in the session for more adventure.

(1 edit) (+7)(-1)

Why bother paying for this wonderful game if you're just going to turn it into every other D&D / OSR game? Part of it's charm is that lack of attack role.

You should try playing it rules-as-written before applying some untested theory-craft to it. It's clearly not an oversight by the designer -- e.g. check out the praise on this very page for this exact decision.


That's a primary design feature of Into the Odd.


In this type of OSR game, combat is a failure state. If your group finds themselves facing an enemy in straightforward combat where all they're doing is pitting their numbers against the enemy's numbers, they've already messed up. The lack of an attack roll is not an oversight, it's a thought-out design decision to emphasize this principle.

If you rush into combat you WILL get hit every time you get attacked. That's a fact players have to deal with by finding ways to manipulate the situation to their advantage to gain the upper hand. There is no miraculous dice roll that's coming to save a player who's about to die, so it's up to the player to create these miracles themselves by engaging with their situation inside the fiction.

This is exactly what I was looking for! I really enjoy almost everything about this game except for that single choice (attacks always hit.) I wasn’t a fan of it in Into the Odd either. 

But everything else is fantastic! 


This is the most refreshing rpg I've played, outside of tiny d6 by gallant Knight. The magic system is dastardly fun, the random tables for adventure and campaign generation are dense and extremely useful, and everything about this rpg captures the essence of 2e dnd in less than 20 sheets of paper. The only thing I'd like to see added is a one-page generation system for treasure and artifacts.


Actually Isaac has created exactly that, but for some reason only posted it on his twitter! It's available here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Qqonco6-MkDDS6Z2dc71L-OtfxhNrWd8/view


Ah, thanks for the reminder! I should post it here too!


Amazing! Hot damn!




how do you feel about fans making adventures for mausritter?

From what I've seen, as another fan, it's heartily encouraged. You can even post about it in a specific room on their Discord.


So, uh, do you hate the number 14? 

Haha, one of my players noticed that was gone.


Mausritter is The Borrowers meets Mouseguard, with a wonderful oldschool feeling to its art and layout, some modern convenience in its deisgn, and a ruleset inspired by Into The Odd.

And let me say, if you're not familiar with Into The Odd yet and you like OSR, get Mausritter first, then buy Into The Odd next.

Basically, this game's really good. And it's a master class in economical design.

There's a background system that implies the whole mouse culture without having to spell anything out, but it's also the reference chart for getting your starting items AND the counterbalance for rolling low on your starting stats.

There's an inventory system with card-slots and charges that feels like it would be perfectly at home in a ccrpg, but which also handles upkeep on your gear ala Red Markets, and status effects ala Slay The Spire, and which lets you basically have a tactile inventory system where you as a player can pick up and put down any part of your character's current kit.

Spell-casting is item-based, flexible, easy to track, recharges in flavorful ways, and has probably the most graceful system I've seen for casting at variable levels of power. 

Somehow there's even a weather table that is a) genuinely useful, and b) not terrible.

It is criminal that this game is free.

Admittedly, there are still some minor critiques I can make of it. It likes making you calculate percentages for prices, warbands require so much money to maintain that they sorta do weird things to the inventory system, Grit is possibly abuseable and lets you hot-swap Conditions unless controlled with a house-rule, and the book doesn't use the Oxford Comma.

That's basically me being as comprehensive as I can, and it's all nitpicks.

If you're used to 5e, you'll have an easy time getting into this. There's short rest/long rest, advantage/disadvantage, and a lot of the other trappings you're familiar with. Likewise, if you're used to OSR, there's that same quick-to-build-quick-to-die mindset here, and plenty of simplicity without sacrificing too much crunch.

I strongly recommend picking this up and at least flipping through.

Tip if you can. This game is great.

Typos And Unexplained Terms:

- page 6 says "wit h"

-page 8 says "actions can anything from negotiating"

-page 13 in the List Of Creatures Example box that says "wraps the him up"

-Hit Protection And Damage on page 8 references something called "exploration turns" which is maybe meant to mean turns outside of combat but I couldn't be sure since the rules never clarify

-Warband rules are unclear how they should be rallied if they break


Forgive me if the question is dumb, but -- what's a pip in this context?


A pip is one of the dots on your dice. So for example, if you roll a 6 you see 6 pips. :)


Its the games currency. Your starting pip helps determine your background.


Yes, but - what is it that the mice have in their pockets? What is one pip exactly?


It’s up to you to decide! I imagine them as little stones, engraved with the seal of an ancient mouse queen.


A marvelous little but enormous game.
Small for its low number of pages. Enormous for the love it overflows with.


I'm preparing to run a game of this with some friends, it seems like such a cool system!

However, I have a doubt about space and positioning. The manual states that a mouse can move up to 12" in a combat round, which suggests that positioning is important and you could run this using miniatures and a grid, but other than that the manual is pretty vague in terms of space. If you were to run this using a grid, how much space would each grid square represent? Rn I'm thinking maybe each grid square would represent a 2"x2" space, which would be the same space a mouse would occupy. Any thoughts on that?


My assumption is that the 12 inch movement is just to help cement a sense of scale (helping resolve the question" how far would a mausritter move in however long a round should be?") . Naturally if you wanted to lock things to a grid I imagine that would be OK, but it seems like you'd have a bit of work filling out the details. 

I'd more look at it as a way to help imagine whether they could run to the other side of the book they had vaulted on before the cat reached them, that kind of thing.


Thank you for this! I usually play dnd and I'm not lying when I say that I cried at how open to new players this was. I wish I could pay you but I'm just a broke middle schooler.


I really like how flavourful the magic system is in this game, so I made a a bunch of homebrew spells, if anyone is interested


These are fantastic! Please come share them with the Mausritter Discord :)


Hi. Can you please share them with people that don't have Discord?


As far as I know, the link I put on Reddit should work even if you don't have Discord.

Please do correct me if I'm wrong!


I unfortunately get an "Access denied".

<Message>Access denied.</Message>
<Details>Anonymous caller does not have storage.objects.get access to the Google Cloud Storage object.</Details>


(1 edit) (+1)

This error doesn't seem to have anything to do with Discord, turns out it happens to me as well. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

This dropbox link should work..


Thank you very much


Is there any intent for a second print run?


I can’t give any details yet, but yes it’s in the works :)

Maybe he was hinting at this...



Hey, seeing that the title of the game is in german, I was wondering if there are German translations for it or if there are any plans to make those. :D


Section 1.3:

If your mouse's highest Attribute is 9 or less, roll on the Background table again and take either Item A or B. If your highest is 7 or less, take both.

Isn't that a mistake, shouldn't it be '9 or more'? And I wonder why a weaker mouse can take more things than a stronger one.


It should be on purpose, it should help a weaker mouse be more even to the stronger one despite the lower attributes, so to equalize the field a little


Okkeb is correct, it’s to help balance out a mouse who rolls poorly.

If you need a thematic reason why, think of it as the mouse’s friends and family pitching in to help because they’re worried about their poor weak friend becoming an adventurer.


Hey, this is great! I've ran it a few times with younger kids with no issues.

I have some questions:

Section 2: I guess the spell is supposed to be Restore, rather than Calm? Any stats for the Loyal Beetle/Pack Rat or is the intention for us to just grok it?

Section 7.2: The rules state that on a value 4-6, mark usage on spells. The quick reference, however, states to only mark usage on a 4-5. Which one is correct?

Section 11.2: Under damage, it states that it could range from d4-d12, but then states d20 is deadly. Is the range supposed to be d4-d20, or was the d20 a typo?

I love the game and don't want to come off as nitpicky, I just wanted to know if these could be clarified and added to a 1.4 version?

If not, can we get an editable version?

Thanks for the great game. I am definitely going to buy the adventure you released!


Good finds, thanks! I’ve just uploaded a new version with those things fixed, plus a couple of others :)

To answer here too:

Section 2: Yes, it should be Restore. I would stat the Beetle/Pack rat as a hireling, maybe with slightly adjusted stats.

Section 7.2: 4-6 is correct.

Section 11.2: Intentional, but confusing. I’ve just made it d4-d20.

Thanks, I appreciate the nit-picks!


That was quick! Thanks!


Can we get a change log?
i'm strugling to find the changes (i've print the rules and i'm trying to have it to date)


i'd pay whatever it takes for another print run!



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