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Take up the sword and don the whiskers of a brave mouse adventurer in Mausritter, a rules-light fantasy adventure roleplaying game.

Character creation is speedy and simple, designed to get you playing as soon as possible. Your mouse is defined by their randomly assigned background, ability scores, and the gear they carry. A tactile card-based inventory system makes managing your gear a fun challenge.

Mausritter is built on the chasis of Into the Odd, with new rules for setting, character generation, magical artefacts, and mouse-scale adventures.

GMs are provided with procedures for running a mouse-scale sandbox, along with a bestiary and numerous tables for quickly creating adventures in the mouse kingdoms.


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Mausritter rulebook (spreads) 6 MB
Mausritter rulebook (singles) 6 MB
Character sheets 39 kB
GM session tracking sheet 31 kB
Item & Condition cards 747 kB

Physical games

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Mausritter — 24 Page Zine

Limited edition print zine. Includes a set of Item & Condition cards, ready to cut and play.

24 pages, black and white, card stock cover

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Great game! 

Any updates on the next print run? 


I’m currently working on a small pamphlet adventure. The plan is release a new print run with that when the adventure is ready!



Happy to hear! Keep up the good work!

Love the game! Cant wait to run it.

Are you going to print more Zines? I would love to get one.

Thank you!


same here!

The zines are a bit of an experiment (and I honestly didn’t expect them to all go so quickly). I’ll probably print another run once the first batch are out the door so stay tuned :)

awesome! i'll be checking back, but if you are taking preorders i'd love to sign up now :P

i need :o

Awesome game, love Redwall type stuff! When I bought the print zine, it didn't give me the option to set my address. Did PayPal send it to you?

Hi Philip, thanks for buying the game! I just sent you an email to sort things out :)