Mausritter is coming to Games Omnivorous

A small but exciting announcement: Mausritter will be coming back into print, in an expanded hardcover edition from Games Omnivorous this Fall! More details coming soon.

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I'm a proud owner of the version of Mausritter and I was pleased to know it was coming to Games Omnivorous as well. I wasn't supposed to spend any more money on TTRPGs this year but it was too good to resist. Just placed my order. :)

Thank you for the support!

Heck yeah!


When ? how ? Where do I sign ? Could I be more excited ? 

Looking forward to this .. if it's easily available here in Canada for reasonable shipping/fees.


This looks great, Mausritter deserves a beautiful deluxe hardcover edition, I’ve been waiting for this.


This is my favorite RPG of all time. My kids and I love it. Can't wait to pick up this print edition!


Will there be a U.S. distributor?


We’ll be partnering with Exalted Funeral for US distribution


The diecut cover is A+++.