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It stands in the garden of an abandoned human-made shack. Blackened by magic and radiating strange energy. The cursed sunflower calls to all who come near.  

Face the dangers of the cursed sunflower in this 2 page, black-and-white adventure location for Mausritter. Designed to fold like a standard tri-fold brochure. Contains all the info you need for a one-shot adventure packed with mouse-scale danger and weirdness. 

  • Untangle a sticky situation, as cursed bees, a foul-tempered skunk and mice who follow the Cult of Sugar vie for control of the cursed sunflower and its power. 
  • A ready-to-run adventure location, that can be played as a one-shot or dropped into an existing Mausritter campaign.
  • Beautifully illustrated cutaway map of the abandoned hut and its surrounds, with key details for 10 locations
  • Six horrible curses for mice that foolishly spend too long in the sunflower's presence. 
  • Unique treasures and four new spells (along with corresponding item cards for your inventory) await mouse adventurers brave enough to take them.


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Honey in the Rafters PDF 4 MB


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Just picked this up, what a perfect little adventure! This will slot in excellently into my current campaign as one of the PCs run a beekeeper! Very evocative and well designed. Straightforward and elegant much like the core rules. Definitely recommend picking it up!


I bought this straight away last night as I was looking for some advice on running the game here in /osr. It is really nice to see a location detailed in this way, gives me a better idea of how to run my own game.

I'll probably use this module as a second or third adventure location. I'm keen to run through my own creations first to see how they fly.


Want to buy this, but want to buy the rules too to go with it!
When are the rules going to be reprinted?


i second this!

I believe the pdf is free on itch