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Just followed the link to print pre-orders and it tells me that pre-orders are disabled.

Ah yes, I should remove that link. It’ll be up for purchase once the kickstarter & preorders are delivered.


Amazing compilation of adventures! Great art and layout, amazing flavour, cool NPCs and it includes the unlabelled maps to show your players!


Amazing collection! The definitive starter kit for Mausritter adventures, I felt like it offers a ton of great entry points for new players and fun locations for easy world building. Each adventure is beautifully laid out and fit together nicely as a collection.

I missed the kickstarter, but pre-ordered it on backerkit. is it possible for me to get access to the pdf collection as well?


Yep, you should get an email with a key for the digital copies. Send me an email (isaac at isaacwilliams dot net) with your details if you haven’t and I’ll sort it out.

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The format is excellent and the adventures are awesome! Can someone explain to a non native english speaker what is an applejack (from the orchad adventure)? I only find stuff about my little pony and drinks.


Applejack is brandy made from apples. I assume its use here is clever wordplay on Rotten (Fermented) Apples!


Absolute Gorgeous